Speedpaint – Aqua

Aqua SpeedPaint YouTube Header

In this speed painting video you can see how I painted the portrait of Aqua. I have started this drawing as a demo to show my digital painting process and I liked the character so much that I have finished the portrait and I have even added a background, a sandy beach. Because it is summer, and this is a summer painting.

The painting process is the usual: I start with a sketch then I put down the base colors. For this painting I have started with the character, I painted her completely before I moved on to painting the beach itself. Actually I was thinking a lot about what background to paint behind her. One option was a nice meadow with golden colored grass, but in the end I went with the sandy beach, since I gave her the name Aqua this background fit her better.

I have made this digital painting in Clip Studio Paint EX. This is a speedpaint video, so it is not in real time. In real the painting took 7 hours to be finished. I have also made an eye painting exercise video where I show you how I made her eyes look more real.

Check out the finished portrait painting of Aqua.