Adrienn photo 2015 NovemberHi and welsome to my website! I am Adrienn Ecsedi, I am a multipotentialite, meaning I like to learn about new things everyday and I have many interests. That is what I am sharing with you on this website! Some of these are video making, painting, self development and gardening.

I also enjoy watching anime and playing video games like Star Ocean, Final Fantasy and the Tales of serie. I like animals and dinosaurs (Brontosaurus and Veloci raptors are my favourite ones). I have two dwarf bunnies Snowball and Fluffy. I am married and I am living with my husband in a small but very nice apartment.

I love watching the Stars! The Universe always calls me, maybe in an other life I will be traveling from plantes to plantes exploring and leading my crew to new and exciting worlds.

YouTube Channels

Adrienn Ecsedi Art – art channel with time lapse paintings
Little Home Gardener – indoor gardening channel, I show you how to grow plants from seeds :)