Red Panda Hug

Red Panda Hug painting by Adrienn Ecsedi

Red pandas are one of my favourite animals. They are the size of a bigger house cat. They look cute and adorable. I wanted to express my love for red pandas with this painting.

Red Pandas are also called lesser panda or red cat-bear. They live in the Eastern Himalayas. They usually spend their time on trees. They are quite skillful when it comes to tree climbing and standing on two feets.

Red Pandas are endangered. Their habitat is shrinking due to deforestation and they are also being hunted by predators and humans as well. Their numbers are sadly less than 10.000.

They need our help to stay alive. The Red Panda Network (among others) is working on to help these animals many years now. If you are interested in helping red pandas to stay with us on Earth please check out their website to learn more of how you can help.

Red Panda Hug - Painting ProcessAbout the painting

I wanted to express my love for red pandas with this painting. They really have a special place in my heart and I would really like to hold one like this. ;)

In Hungary we have now 6 zoos where red pandas are kept. I have visited three of these already to see the red pandas. I like to stand long in front of their place watching them. If you loose sight of me in the zoo, you will surely find me camping where these cuties are.

How the painting was made

This is a digital painting that I have made using a Wacom Intuos Pro S tablet with Clip Studio Paint Ex (formerly Manga Studio 5). I have made some reference photos of myself holding my red panda plush that looks like a red cat-bear cub. I have made a sketch of the pose, changed it a few times until I liked it. I started painting first myself and the cub. I didn’t even touch the background until almost everything else was rendered. For the background I imagined a nature scenery that doesn’t take away from the focus of the artwork. I have made the background blurry, just making it barely recognizable. After the background was finished I have added the finishing touches: some more fur work on the little cub, and his whiskers.

Speedpaint Video

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