Redbubble Video Tutorials

Redbubble has an easy to use system but there are a few things you might want to know to bring out the best from your own Redbubble store. These Redbubble video tutorials can help you get started opening your own store at RB.

How to upload your design to Redbubble

If you are just starting out on Redbubble and need help uploading your designs, understanding how the system works I explain and show that to you in this video:

How To Set Up Your Redbubble Storefront

You might be interested in how to setup your Redbubble storefront so that it looks good and interesting to your customers. Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for in your store also make it clear for them what your store is all about. For this you can use collections, your bio (description for your store) and even journals. Watch the video here:

What Titles, Tags And Descriptions To Use On Redbubble

When you upload a new design to Redbubble you will be asked to name it, give it a description and tag it. All three fields are important because they help to improve the foundability of your designs on Redbubble and in outside search engines as well.

All about collections on Redbubble

Collections are great tools to organize your store and also to help customers find quickly what they are looking for. You can also use collections to feature some of your designs and themes in your storefront.

Add social media buttons to your profile page

If you would like you can add your website link and your social media page url’s to your profile page (storefront) on Redbubble. This can be useful when a visitor is interested in your works and wants to follow you and your creations. They might want to connect with you to ask questions or just to talk with you. Adding your social media links can make this possible easily.