Peace in Future

Peace in Future - painting by Adrienn Ecsedi

How will we live 200 years in the future? Is our future bright or dark? I imagine it to be bright and nature centered but still high in technology.

I have been listening to the music of Martynas Jocius and that is when the question came: How do I see our future in 200 years from now on? I have been thinking about it and then I grabbed my sketchbook and made the sketch for this painting. The sketch was quite different from the finished painting. I wanted to draw a nice pond and a girl relaxing near it however I didn’t like that composition so almost as a last step I removed them from the picture. I wanted the focus to be on the buildings.

In the background you can see some strangely shaped buildings. Those are houses of humans. I imagine that in the future we will live in rounded houses because these fit better into nature. Looks more natural and I think it would feel good to be in such a house. No sharp edges anywhere, just rounded corners. Now these houses come in light warm pastel colors. The surface of the houses are made of solar panels. Everything is self-supporting in energy and nature friendly also.

Peace in Future painting close up

Close up of the future houses of the Peace in Future painting

The houses, little towns and cities are in parks and they are surrounded by nature, by woods. It is quite peaceful there that is where the title comes from, Peace in Future. I also imagine that animals live more closer to us, they have got back more of their lands. We stopped pollution (or it is way less than nowdays) and we live in a more balanced, more calm life. We produce a way lot less stuff, we don’t need as much physical objects. We have realised that our true happiness is not something you found in material things but rather it comes from our inner self. Our thoughts, our feelings and mostly a balanced life will result in giving us happiness.

Would you like to live in a peaceful, nature centered Earth? Our future depends on decisions we make today. If you act today you will see results tomorrow. Tell me, how do you see the future of humanity?