Do you allow yourself to daydream?

Do you allow yourself to daydream?

Daydreaming is a fun game and also a powerful tool to bring good things into your life.
In some cases you might notice that you don’t even allow yourself to dream. Maybe you don’t even belive that your life can change to the better or that this game can help you.
For daydreaming to work you need to let go your negative thoughts and the resistance you have towards it.

You can start daydreaming small because you will notice how bigger ideas, more interesting thoughts will appear. Your fantasy will go wild.

It matters what kind of feelings you have during daydreaming. After you end this daydreaming game and you let go of these happy thoughts your manifestion will start to work. You will get the same feelings in your life as the ones you felt while daydreaming.
So you might not get the exact same things you imagined, but you will get things that will make you feel the same way as you felt during the daydream. So how you feel matters!

As your fantasy runs wild and you will have bolder dreams, your frequency will rise up and that means you will get even better feelings.

Have fun with this game and let yourself daydream!