How to germinate Carob tree seeds

I got an older St John’s Bread seed pod full with seeds. Of course I wanted to germinate them!
The first Carob tree (this is another common name of the tree) seed I just throw into the water of the avocado seeds and after a bit more than 10 days the seed germinated.
Watch the Seeds and Seedlings Video Serie on YouTube for more seedlings.

It looks like germinating this seed in water is very easy. I will use this method to germinate all the other seeds I get from this fruit.

☆ In the video you can see how I get the seeds out of the carob tree’s seed pod. Since the fruit is dry I couldn’t eat it and I needed a knife to get the seeds out.
I only pressed the knife lightly into the seed pod to make it easier to break the fruit by my hand.
This way I was able to get out the seeds without harming them.

The seeds in the pod had a lighter brown color and were a lot smaller in size than the one I already germinated in water. Soon these will grew larger and change to a darker color once they stay in water for a few days.
I change the water I keep the seeds in every day or every other day. I use only lukewarm water and no heating mat.

☆ Carob tree is also known as Ceratonia siliqua.
☆ You might learn more about it on Wikipedia