Digital Eye Painting Exercise

This is a longer video because I show in real time (while talking) how to practice painting eyes digitally using reference photos. At the end you apply what you have learned on your main artwork (your masterpiece). You can learn and improve your art skills while having fun and keep progressing on your main creation as well.

Of course you can practice painting other subject matters as well not just the eyes, the exercise is the same:

1st Round

  1. Grab some reference photos
  2. Sketch the eye and the eye area – 1:40
  3. Put down base colors – 7:15
  4. Paint and refine the eye painting – 10:10

2nd Round

  1. Repeat the process but this time make no sketches but instead start with painting right away – 17:35
  2. Experiment, try out new styles

3rd Round

  1. Continue working on your main piece, your main artwork. Apply what you have learned in the practice paintings. – 27:20
  2. Paint or correct the eye as you see fit

Aim to learn or improve ONE thing on each of your new artwork. You will soon see the progress in your artistic skills.