My newest painting is not so new at all, I have been working on this throughout the last months. It is a foresty scene with some snowdrops in the focus. When spring comes many snowdrops grows in front of our house and they are so beautiful. I like them and I wanted to paint a picture with snowdrops on it, that is how this image popped into my mind.

Of course this painting wouldn’t be whole without a girl on it. I have imagined her as wearing a dress made of flower petals in the color of the snowdrops. With the light dress her dark hair color makes a good contrast so I went with this very dark blue, almost black hair color. I have added some details to the top part of her dress, that reminds me of futuristic dresses. I have noticed some times ago that even though I paint fantasy styled artworks I am still thinking about futuristic places and clothes and I usually place my characters in such futuristic worlds – at least in my mind.

The forest behind the girl is still sleeping. There are no snow just the bare ground. Some grass has already started to grow though. I love forests!

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Painting process

Here is the speed paint video of this artwork:

You can see some of the painting process steps here:

Snowdrop Digtal Painting ProcessThis one is a close up shot of the face of the girl.

Snowdrop detail