What is the best morning routine?

What is the best morning routine?

The answer for this question is that there is no such thing as the best morning routine. And yet, there is! What am I talking about you may ask right now? I explain.

The real question is not what is the best morning routine but what is the goal of your morning routine? What is is that you want to achieve?

The goal of your morning routine

The ultimate goal of your morning routine is to bring You into Balance. To put you into physical, mental and spiritual balance.
This is the goal of the best morning routine.

Now from this answer you might already see that this means the best morning routine will be different for every people. And not just for everyone but it will also be different for you as the seasons changes, it might also change weekly and even daily!

Whatever you need that day will determine your morning routine. That is why copying other people morning routine will most likely not work for you or just for a limited time if you have similar situations.

In the morning you might read a book or meditate, maybe you start your day with a green smoothie and hiking or cycling.
To find your morning routine learn to listen to your body, to feel how you are at that moment and do things that will make you feel good in your body, to feel supercharged, energised, and in Balance.

Learn what activities work for you at what situations. Maybe you will need more smaller activities in a sequence that together will give you the balancing results.

My morning routine

I usually practice Qigong (Zhong Yuan Qigong taught by Grandmaster Xu Mingtang) in the morning and I also do Makko Ho meridian stretches. After that I take care of my animals and I eat something. My morning routine is sometimes shorter sometimes longer. I also do different Qigong exercises depending on my current wellbeeing and what I would like to work on. (Qigong is important for me and one of my favorite activity, I practice it daily not just in my morning routine.)

For example today morning I woke up with a foggy mind, I had shallow breathing and I felt horrible in my body. I actually felt the stagnant, used up energies trapped in my chest area. My first step was to clean out my energy system. I did a Qigong energy clearing exercise that not only removes negative, used up energies out from my system, but it also opens up my chest area so I get fresh air and my breathing deepens. After that I did a short energy collecting exercise, similar to the clearing one.

Doing this I already felt a lot better. I drank some water and then I started the Makko Ho meridian stretches. I felt all the tension in my body, in my legs, in my shoulders. It took me 20 minutes to stretch enough to clear my mind and to relax my body and to move the energies inside the channels. Only after this did I started to feel the real change. I have already spent an hour bringing myself into balance. Then I went and ate a healthy bigger meal and I am now writing this article with a clear mind and focus while feeling good and in balance.

Today I needed more time to balance myself. We can say this was a daily fix that was needed. Yesterday my morning routine was way easier and quicker. I also did the energy clearing exercise but I only needed 10 minutes or so to clean my energy system out and to bring in good, fresh energy. I spent my “real” Qigong practice time to continue my self development, to collect a lot more energy for other purposes and to clear out older, bigger blockages from my system. This is my ongoing project at the time.

To summarize things up

  • The goal of our morning routine is to bring ourselves into physical, emotional and spiritual balance.
  • Morning routines are different for each of us, changes with seasons and might even change daily.
  • Listen to your feelings to know what to do that morning to feel charged, and really good in your body. To be in balance and to tune into a higher frequency.

Selfcare First

Your wellbeing is the most important thing in the World.
Start your day spending time with Yourself.

Remember! Selfcare is not equal selfishness. Do not mix them up, separate them!

You deserve to feel good, to be in Balance! That is our natural state.