My Lemur Friends

My Lemur Friends by Adrienn Ecsedi

Ring-tailed lemurs are one of the endangered species of Madagascar. This is a painting to show how close they can be to us if you have some food that is. Their name is derived from the Latin word lemures, which means “spirits of the night”. They eat flowers, fruits, tree leaves, grass and sometimes even insects. Lemur catta can live up to 18 years. They are endangered because of habitat loss.

My Lemur Friends - Painting process

My Lemur Friends – Painting process

Every time I am in the zoo I visit the Ring-tailed lemurs. They are usually sleeping on a tree branch closely behind each other or waiting for food. Once I saw their caregiver sitting on a banch giving them raisins. One of them was standing on his shoulder, waiting for the yummi bites. The other one tried to steal the raisin from his pocket. It was fun seeing them from that close. Since then I can just imagine how it could feel if one lemur would be so close to me. It is a nice experience when an animal lets you close to him or herself. That means you have a strong bond between you and that just feels amazing. I have a little bunny, I feel this every time when she sits right next to me and starts cleaning herself and sometimes even me too.

My Lemur Friends are available as prints and as home decor items at Zazzle.

My Lemur Friends - details

My Lemur Friends – details