Aqua - digital painting by Adrienn Ecsedi

Beach, clear blue sky, sunshine – what else do we need to relax?

I have started this painting as a demo to show my digital painting process. I liked the character so much that I decided to finish the painting fully. I have spent some time on figuring out what kind of background to give her. I have been thinking about a meadow with tall gold colored grass, and two kind of beach: one with many rocks and one with sand. I went with the sandy beach.

Her shell necklace was inspired by a beautiful shell I got recently from my mom. I really like it, it is on my desk at the moment too. So I thought, why not paint her a necklace with a shell being the medal?

Digital eye painting exercise videoI have also made an eye painting exercise video where I show how I made her eyes look more realistic, more detailed by using my own reference photos.

It is important if you want to improve your artworks that you use reference photos, because most of the time we don’t remember how things really look like, so when we get there to paint an eye or a face (or anything else) it will not look real and it might even have structural, anatomy problems. This can be fixed though by painting from real life or by using reference photos. Once you learn how to paint something you will need less references to rely on.

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Speedpaint video