Girl portrait practice painting – 01

I have made this painting to practice painting the female head. My goal was to get more experience painting skin tones.

Girl portrait painting processI have used this photo as reference.
One of my favourite artist Selene has shared a video that shows her painting process. I really like how she builds up the skin. I wanted to try this method, where you start with painting the the bigger tones first, and add details as you go. Basically you can build up a face with painting in big areas of a given value. You will know that it is a face even if you only use full black on a white surface.

I think the base skin color I choose was too dark to begin with. Her skintone is quite light so I had to lighten up my painting when I had already painted the highlights and added more details too.

I will practice more painting skin and faces. This girl portrait took 3 hours to paint which I think is a good result. I have not made any lineart, I only did a light sketch. I like working this way. I have more freedom painting. I can easily correct things if needed.