RoboBronto illustration


RoboBronto is my first dinosaur-robot design with metallic cover and glowing blue eye.
A dream came true from my childhood, I am drawing a dinosaur again. When I was a child dinosaurs were on the top of my favorite interests list. I enjoyed the movie Jurassic Park and I also had a sticker album with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. I liked rereading the album from time to time. The illustrations looked so real and detailed. That is was when I first started to dream of drawing dinosaurs. Of course I have drawn them, but since I was still a child with an absolute beginners drawing skills, you can imagine what kind of dino drawings I made. :D I wanted to create better illustrations but I was not taking action towards my dream. Now I finally broke the ice and made this brontosaurus robot design. Maybe a first in a serie? Who knows? I am like the wind I go wherever I want to go with my imagination. One day it is green parks full with trees the other day it is dino land.

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