Alpacas on the meadow

Alpacas on the meadow

Two young alpacas are eating grass on the meadow. In the back you can see some faraway mountains and the blue sky that is covered with small clouds.

In the last years alpacas got more popular than ever before. Have you seen those soft fluffy and colorful plush toys on the shelves? Do you maybe even own one? I actually have two: a yellow one with a pink scarf and a rainbow colored one. They are sitting on top of my couch. But nothing beats the originals! When the old amusement park was closed in my city the zoo got its place and they have got some alpacas. We were able to go near to the alpacas – if you were brave enough you could even pet them. I kept my distance from them because there were other guests near the alpacas and honestly, it was quite clear that the alpacas didn’t like those people at all. Some of them pushed their ears backwards, that is a sign that they are annoyed and they might spit on you. So I kept my distance from the angry looking alpacas.

They are actually amazing animals. They look quite sturdy with their thick curly fur. Young alpacas have less fur (until it grows for them of course), and they might look thin in your eyes, just like the one I painted, standing on the left, like a doe.

Alpacas in real life have different varieties, they have different fur colors as well. I really like the brown and the white ones so that is what I went with when I started coloring this painting. My main goal with this painting was to show that mischievous but playful look these animals have.

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