Living in the woods

Living in the woods by Adrienn Ecsedi

Can we humans live in peace with each other and the nature that surrounds us? This is an idea, a dream or maybe more that I have been keeping in my mind for some time now.

A reality where we live in harmony and peace with our kind, with animals and plants as well. I feel at home in nature. I enjoy the plants, the trees, the flowers surrounding me. The freshness and cleanliness of the air, the energy that flows into my body while in such a place. Have you felt this peaceful feeling when you were out in nature or somewhere else? You know what, it is not that difficult to make such a dream place real. Such an idea where we live in harmony real. Do you know what we need? We just need to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings. If You, me and everyone else on Earth starts to spend more time on improving ourselves, to be a more good person, a more kind and understanding person, who is able to experience, feel and give love, we can reach such a peaceful Earth. This only takes that we start to improve ourselves and as we do so we influence the people around us, so they start to do the same. They start to work on themselves and this will affect other people in their life similarly. With time the improvement will reach most people on Earth. That will make a big change in humanity’s life.

Lets just aim for that! :) Enjoy this painting. With love, from me to You.

Here is a close up view of the girl:

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