Naomy is a beautiful black haired woman, who is standing in the snow. She wears a warm coat and smiles gently. There is a snowy forest behind her with a pale setting Sun which gives a calm atmosphere to the artwork.

This year I was participating in a hungarian Secret Santa event and this is the artwork I made for the person whose name I pulled out from the participant list. This is her original character, Naomy. It was lots of fun painting her as she has a nice design and an interesting look. I started the picture with the base idea for the picture: Naomy is standing in the snow and she smiles. She wears a warm coat. I’ve imagined the picture the best I could, then I started collecting reference pictures. I’ve searched for winter pictures, warm coats and womans standing in the snow or just wearing a warm coat. Once I had some pictures (more than 10 in each category) I’ve imagined her again and sketched her pose which I changed a few times later as you will see on the animated gif. (Click on it to see it in a bigger size.)

Naomy process

Click on image to see it bigger

In the next step I lightly put on the colors of the background and started to define it more. When I was satisfied with the background I moved back to the character. I didn’t like her head because it was covered with the hood and her hair was hidden. I wanted to show her nice hair as it plays a great role in her design. I’ve changed her head and once I was satisfied with her sketch I have added the base colors. I tried out more colors for her coat, once it felt good, I started to go back to her hair and head, adding more detail to every part of the picture. I was painting in small steps, I’ve concentrated on one part at a time then I’ve moved on to the next one, finally I went back to previous parts and worked on them more. I’ve tried to keep the picture in balance that is why I’ve worked on every part a little, so the image was evolving evenly.

Naomy is available at Zazzle as laptop sleeves, compact mirrors, mousepads and other items.