Flower in the Garden

Flower in the garden

Flower in the garden is a fantasy painting featuring a blond girl in a blue victorian dress cutting off an orange flower when suddenly she looks away. What could she saw?

I really love gardens and parks yet I had not planned to paint one when I started this image. I only wanted to draw a girl in a nice dress. I like nice dresses so I came up with an idea of one. I have made the sketch then I had no idea of what to put in the background. After a few days I sit down and sketched some plants which turned into a garden.

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I have spent the most time on this painting from all of my works. I have reworked the background numerous times along with the head of the character. She had 3 different heads and even more faces while I painted the image. I think it truly worth making all the changes and spending all the time painting it. I am grateful to my friends who gave me good insights along the process.

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