Why I have changed my diet and the results

Green smoothies

Have you ever felt that you want to draw yet you can’t? As an artist it is so important to have energy so you can sit down and draw. It just doesn’t feel right when months are passing and you want to create something yet you feel exhausted to do anything. This happened with me again like it happened so many times in the last years before. I thought it was an art block, that I just don’t know what to draw. But I was wrong. Here is what happened.

How my journey to eating healthier started

This year, August and September went by quickly. I have been working on a painting and on some drawings too but I was progressing very-very slowly with them. There were weeks when I didn’t even touch a pencil or my Wacom tablet. At the end of September after a wedding party I was tired, I felt so drained. I had no energy even after a week. I felt some discomfort. A friend of mine advised me to take some vitamin supplements, so that might help me. I was not sure in that. I could feel that I was missing something, but I knew that I don’t want to take any supplements. If I don’t want to take supplements I should eat more healthier to get the needed vitamins – I thought. So I started to search on the net and eventually all of my findings led me to a big lifestyle change.

First step was eating in paleo style

Paleo breakfast

Paleo breakfast

My research led me first to paleo diet. I have already heared about it but I wasn’t sure if it was for me or not because I mostly knew about the paleo cookies. I didn’t want to eat cookies. I started to read blogs, I have watched videos about paleo eating, and read as much as I could. Now I understand how paleo works. Basically (if possible) you eliminate all the processed foods from your life and some other things too. I did like that, this happaned on a very early friday morning. I woke up and I decided that I will change my life. I stopped eating bread, pastas, milks, cheese, peas (this was my favourite) and so on. First day was awesome. I felt so alive, I can’t tell you when was the last time I felt like that. I think removing bread especially helped in this. I am not too strict with myself, in October I still ate bread 3 times – a very little amount. Nothing happened, I still feel myself very good, but I won’t return to eating it.

In paleo you eat many veggies, then you eat less meat, then even less fruits, and way less seeds. Veggies are on top here. After 3 weeks I have tried out many new recipes. This all was so interesting to make a research on, and I enjoyed every part of it. I like trying out new stuffs. Eventually last week I have moved on and started to mix paleo with a raw vegan style.

Green smoothies for breakfast

Green smoothies

Green smoothies

This is how my last week started. I found out about green smoothies (you blend green leafy vegetables like kale or spinach with fruits like apple, banana, pineapple + water), how healthy they are and I tried them out. The result? I had such energy the whole day that I was really surprised. I drink green smoothies since that day. I can still say that I had lots of energy everyday so far. I feel good in my body. I started to paint again. I am more active, I can do more in a day, yet I have time to relax too. I feel good and I am happy.

I did some other changes at home too, like getting rid of old magazines and old university stuffs. Our bedroom has more space now. I have also made big changes in the kitchen (this happened in more steps in the last month). I have made place for the vegetables and fruits. I have some new kitchen accessories too. I have removed the things I don’t eat anymore. I like the results. I feel more at home. I know this sounds weird but I like going to the kitchen and just be there.

So back to green smoothies. I am drinking them more than a week now and I will continue drinking them as I feel they have life changing benefits for me.

Since I found green smoothies I have also run into people who follow a raw vegan lifestyle. I am still playing with the thought of changing to that. I think a little meet with steemed veggies are fine and I want to eat them. So what I will go with now is: green smoothie for breakfast, fruits or salads for lunch and the dinner will be changing. For dinner we will eat chickenbreast with salad or other chicken parts roasted with steemed or roasted veggies. An omelet with veggies is also good. Tune salad is an option too.

Conclusion: eat healthy to have more energy and draw more

So long story short. If you eat healthier (less junk and processed food, no sweets, candies, cookies) your body will thank you for it. If you even start and drink green smoothies for breakfest (a smoothie is a whole breakfast, don’t eat anything else with it) you will see an even bigger result. This is what I have experienced in the last month. I got more energy and I feel so alive every day.

You may be in the same shoe as I was and you might be interested in all of these things I just talked about. What I can suggest you is to read a lot about healthy eating, gather as much information as you can because there are many contradiction in this topic. What people know might be just half the truth. So read a lot, ask for help if needed, and follow what you feel is right for you. This is what I have done myself and it helped me.

Lastly what I have not yet mentioned: I have energy and desire to work out. I started to work out again. My body got slimmer too which is a nice plus. My Hubby is following me with all this. I am happy that he is supporting me and that he eats the new foods I give him. I will continue to walk on this path, because I can feel its benefits.

What do you eat? Do you have enough energy for a whole day?