My experiences: are we humans in the world connected by our energy?

I have a few things to share with you that I have noticed nowdays. I experienced our connection. What do I mean by that?

I had ideas about topics I wanted to talk about or write about and in a few days I saw that other creators have just uploaded a video talking about the same topic or they wrote about it. In the last month this has happened several times, not just once but at least four times. (I even felt slightly angry that they have passed me.)

The other thing I noticed was that I felt sad nowdays. Without any reason. (What a coincidence Wengie on YouTube has uploaded a video yesterday with the title “I feel sad”. She said she feels sad without a reason. Same thing happening again.) I knew that there was again some tragedy in the world, many people are talking about it, many people feel angry and sad. This had made me think. Do I feel sad because so many people in the world feels sad right now? Last time when there was that attack in Brussel and many people died, I felt so angry even before I knew what has happened.

Do I feel what the world feels? I know that I am not special. This is not about me. This is about us. I can’t prove it, I can only share about my experiences and what I think about it. I think we are connected energetically. Since I am sensitive to energy changes I can feel if something happens in the energy world of humans. Or at least it looks like I can. I can’t tell of course what it is, I just get upset or angry without any reason. I feel negative energy better, or I notice it more easily it seems. (But when I am on a bus for example I can find the place to stand where the energies are the best, the most positive, where it feels good to stand. It also is funny, when my husband stands somewhere on the bus and he doesn’t feel the negative resonance of that place but I do and he doesn’t understand why I want to move away from there…)

What I wanted to share with you is that there must be a connection between us we don’t know (or maybe we actually know) about. Many times in history it happened that people invented the almost same thing at the same time on the other part of the world. Same with you (or me) realising that our thoughts have been just shared by someone else. (The videos you wanted to do were done by someone else when you had the idea to make it.) People who are sensitive to energy might be able to sense this connection. Maybe you are one of those people as well. I wonder what we could do with this connections if we realised it exists.

I have tried some experiments before, when you know I felt there seemed to be bad things happening in the world and I wanted to stay and live in safety I sent out good, happy thoughts, positive energy to those poeple whom I feared might harm us. I tried to do my best to blew away the negative energies in the air and to send out as much good, positive energy as I could. It has worked so far (or it seems like that way at least). I also like to protect my family members this way when I feel they go in an area that might be not safe enough. I send them protective, positive energy to aid them. I don’t know if this helps them anyway or not. I am just doing what I feel like doing.

I am curious about our energy, how it works, how best we can use it for good things. Can we make our world evolve into a good direction just by using energy? Well, we do this everyday, right? Even if you are not sending out energy by thinking about sending it, you still use your energy to affect the world by living, doing and creating in the world. You leave an energy imprint in everything what you do.

I think this means if the majority of us would be playing video games, we got dull and end up in a half asleep state that would make the human world end up in a half asleep world as well? Now what if many of us would start working on projects, creations to make the world a better place? To solve big problems, or to make humanity evolve in a good way? What if many of us would focus on that and we would also feel the positive changes, the positive energy? How would that affect other places of the world, where there are still more things to work on, to change, to evolve? Would we see a positive change there?

What can we do now? What can we do today to understand how our energy works? What can you do today to make the world’s energy be more positive? Do you actually want to do something about it?

This is a rare article from me, maybe the first one that I have even published. If you know any good reads about our energies being connected, please send the link my way. Also share your thoughts and experiences about “coincidences” that might be a sign we (humans) are connected to each other more than we think.