Walking in the Garden

Walking in the Garden

A dark blue haired girl in dark dress is walking in a garden. She is wearing a long dress with high-heeled shoes in the same color. She is looking at some black birds who are searching for food near the futuristic looking benches. It is after rain, the sidewalk is slightly wet, you can see the reflection of the sky on the small puddles. The sky is halfway covered with grey clouds. There is a big circle shaped flower bed at the centre of the park. It is full with different colored flowers. At the back there are many tall trees. The whole park is filled with green grass that has been refreshed after the short summer rain.

Walking in the Garden is the second artwork in my garden-park painting serie. I have painted it digitally using a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Walking in the Garden sketch
This picture went through so many changes, some were quite big and important. I believe that it is important to make changes to an artwork if something doesn’t feel all right with it. This means that sometimes you should make important decisions that might change the artwork completely. I say don’t be afraid of this, just don’t look back and you will be fine. If you are brave enough to make changes you will learn a lot more and the end result will be better too.

Dark haired girlWhat changes have I made on this artwork while painting it? I had one more big tree on the scene, and an other tree was so big that it went outside of the canvas. I also had a different girl character on the picture, she was standing near the bottom, only her top body was visible. I didn’t like that, she was not part of the image. She was also walking out of the picture too. I wanted to change that but I couldn’t because the trees were making a focal point elsewhere. The composition itself needed some big changes. So I have changed what I could. I have even removed some of the roads to bring the focus to the girl and to the center part. You can see how the artwork looked like at first on the sketch.

Birds in the GardenI was quite encouraged to improve my artwork after I’ve watched the Forum Critique Sessions from Mark Brunet where he basically makes quick fixes to the artworks of other people. He does this so well, it is amazing how much he can bring out from an existing artwork. I highly recommend watching his videos, if you are an artist you can learn from them if you are not you can still enjoy the overpainting process.


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