Are you ready to follow your passion in the arts?

Hi! After many years without blogging I decided that I want to write again. The big question for me was: what should I write about? After many hours of researching, collecting themes and ideas I realised that this is not the best way for me, instead I will just follow my heart and write about things I feel will be helpful to you and to other people.

I have some topics like how to get past artblock or how to follow your dreams like creating artworks when so many things can be against you and your art. Right? You may think you don’t have time for drawing or painting or crafting, you may feel like no one likes your work or there are plenty of other things that can hold you back from reaching your desires.

I thought I will write about these things in this blog because I have met with these kind of walls lots of times, I have even stopped drawing for months which made me very sad and frustrated and angry. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can chase your dreams whatever situation you are in. You can have fun and you can enjoy your artworks and your life too.

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts. I plan to post some painting tutorials (or at the beginning some time-lapse videos) too.