Moving to a new domain and no updates


I have some news for you. First of all, I am sorry but there will be no updates in the next two weeks, because I will change a few things on the site. To be precise I will take out the english version of the site and put it alone under a new domain name. This is necessary because I have encountered many search engine optimisation problems in the last month and I can only solve them with this. This moving will be actually good and will result in one more thing (more on that below).

I believe if I move the english site under a new domain it will be easier for people in my country to understand the differencies between the two version. I think it is not clear enough that the english version has a blog and a lot more content. Now that they will be apart I can easily show them the other site with the blog. Also I have noticed that many of you from Hungary who have found my site through deviantART got into the hunagrian version, missing out the content again. I want to concentrate more on the english blog, I want my articles to reach more people. That is why I’ve not yet started a blog on the hungarian version. It will remain in a gallery state there.

As with the comic project I have also realised a few things. It started to grow out my gallery site. What do I mean by this? I think it takes away the focus from my artwork. Which is good in some way, it means I am really working on it but on the other hand I would like if my gallery would be about my artworks. So I have decided that I will move the comic project too into a new site under a new name too. That means two new websites: one just for the comic project and one for the english version of my gallery.

I would like to make these changes as soon as possible, so I will concentrate only on them. That means there will be no update for the comic project. Don’t go away! I won’t vanish. :D I will let you know when the new sites are finished and new articles are ready.

I am very excited about the moving. I feel the changes will be good, they will make everything more clear and followable. I hope you will found the changes helpful too. See you soon on the new site. Don’t worry, you will find it, I will redirect the old english pages from here to there. I will also send out a newsletter about it.