Finishing up work and changes

Hello! I have been not updating in the last weeks. I am finishing up a project so I am focusing on that every day. I will finish it next week and I will be back after that.

This project has taught me how to focus on things that matter which is really important if you want to do more with your life not just working. Before I was progressing so slowly that I had no time left for myself or my family. I have worked on this and now I can see some changes.

I am still a bit confused about where I want to go with my life. Is it just painting I would like to do or is there anything else that moves me. And yes, there is something else I am interested in (self-development, life coaching) that is why I am confused. I think this confusion will go away as soon as I get back to doing stuffs that is not just work. At the moment I feel as if I am chained down and can’t move. I have been working as web designer, frontend developer before and I got some projects in the last months. Getting back to do these things again was good to help me financially but I can’t tell you how strongly I feel that this is not the path for me, this just takes away my life. That is why it was so hard focusing on work in the last weeks. Especially while I was painting at the same time. I wanted to paint more but work is work. It has to be done.

So I really want to change this. That is what I know. I also know that being a freelancer in art is also not my goal. It just doesn’t make me satisfied, I feel like something big is missing. My goal is now to find that thing that will give meaning to my life.

I have started journaling in the last month. While I have been writing to myself I have realised that there were so many things I didn’t share in my life that might have helped you or others in life. I want to change this too. At first I will just start with this blog post. I won’t promise you anything because I think promises just keep you back. At least me. And until I am not sure what makes me fulfilled I might change my directions on a daily basis. Okay, this is it for now. I wish you a really good next week.