Be more productive by having a clear workspace

Whatever you do be that creative work or some other work your environment affects your performance. If you want to be more productive make your working area work for you instead of holding you back. This has worked me and might work for you too.

How does your environment affect your productivity?

The more clear space you have around yourself the more freely energy can move around. The better the energy circulation is the better you will feel yourself in that area. You know – the better the way you feel yourself the better you perform. This is how it works. With a little change you can boost your creative work time to achieve bigger things.

Most of us like tiny little items on our desks, so we surrounds ourselves with them. However the more stuff you have around you the more you will lose your focus while working. Why? Simply because you will notice the items on your desk or around you and you will start thinking about them. This will interrupt and hold back your creative work. Once your focus has been broken it can take you 25 minutes to get back to what you have been working on. That is way too much time for you to lose. This is how our mind works. The less stuff you have lieing around you the better.

Tidy up

Okay, now that we now how our environment can affect or creative work it is time to make some place around us. First check what is on your desk. What items do you need for your work? Those can stay on you desk. If you have many pencils, pens you use regularly find or make them a nice holder. Make a nice big clear working space on your desk. Remove everything that is not needed.

Make place for a glass of water, so you will remember to drink enough water during the day. Also have some scratch pad or some other paper ready near you to quickly write down your ideas or other things. I like to keep my journal near me. It makes me more focused and I can write my ideas in there.

A calendar is also nice to have if you use it regularly – if you haven’t checked your calendar in a long time (or you use an other one like the one on your computer), then remove it. You can still spice up your desk with a nice plant or with a photo. But remember: less is more. I have a longer desk so I put a bamboo plant and a salt lamp on the right side and a photo with a calendar on the left side of it.

Throw out all the unnecessary papers, used tissues. If you have unopened letters sitting on your desk it is time to open them. Also remove all the unnecessary tiny little items. I know this is not easy, I had lots of them on my desk too: small toy figures (a lot of them), buttons, screws and even some pendrives. Search a good place for your pendrives in your drawer – maybe in a small box so they will be at one place.

If you feel resistence to do this (you might even have memories attached to them) just think how easy it will be to clean your desk after this. You remove all those dust collectors. Also make yourself remember why you do this: to have a place where you can work efficiently. Where it feels good to sit down. Because if you feel awesome just by sitting down to your desk that will boost your creative energy and you will work with more joy and you will make better things.

A tidy workplace will let you make great work. Great work will make you feel satisfied. When you are satisfied you will feel yourself even more happier.

Make yourself a tidy work area and create things that will bring value to us and to our world. Good luck!

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