Zazzle Art Calendar and Pillows review

Hi! This is my first review video and this was also the first time I have ordered from Zazzle. I bought two pillows and an art calendar! Video quality is not the best, I hope you can still see the printing though!

Here are all the infos about the products I bought from Zazzle. All of them have my digital paintings on them. I am satisfied with the products, especially with the calendar, it is beautiful!

Art Calendar

Fantasy Art Calendar 2016
Front cover is shiny, all other pages have a matte finish. The printing is clear, the colors are vivid and beautiful. All of the printed images are true to the original digital artworks. I love the calendar, I am glad I have put together the calendar! If you are an artist, I can just recommend making a calendar with your own artworks, it is a fantastic feeling holding your own art calendar in your hands! The quality of these calendars are really good.

Here are some photos of the calendar:

Fantasy Art Calendar 2016 Cover photo Fantasy Art Calendar 2016 back cover Fantasy Art Calendar 2016 Inner pages

Zazzle Pillows

My Lemur Friends Pillow
This is a Grade A Cotton Throw Pillow 16×16

Walking in the Garden Pillow
Grade A Cotton Throw Pillow Lumbar 13×21

I have ordered both pillows with cotton material. The material is a bit more rough to the touch, but if you iron it it gets a bit softer. You can also order pillows made of polyester, they might be softer. The colors look a bit faded, especially on the sky area. This is due to the material of the pillow case. The main areas of the pillows turned out well and look nicely: both girls and the ring-tailed lemur are looking good. Colors are fine there as well.

On these photos you can see how they look like:

My Lemur Friends pillow case My Lemur Friends Zazzle Pillow My Lemur Friends Pillow Closeup View

Walking in the Garden Pillow Walking in the Garden Pillow detail Walking in the Garden Pillowcaseen_Pillow_case

I hope this review was helpful to you!