What to do when making art doesn’t make you feel happy anymore?

What to do when you don't feel happy with your art

Have you ever felt that making art doesn’t make you happy as it used to before? There might be plenty of reasons behind this and lets face it, making art will not always make you feel happy.

  • As you grow as an artist you will meet new challenges in your work. A new challenge means you are leaving your comfort zone, this is needed in order to learn, to be better. At the same time this is not always a nice ride, you might not like it. But what you can like is the end result and that you have solved a problem, faced a challenge. Pat yourself on the back every time you make progress! Be happy about it!
  • Can it be that there is something else you want to do instead of making art? Maybe, there is something more important in your life right now that needs attention. Following your inner voice can help you. You can still make art later if that is what you want, but first be sure to do what you want to do right now.
  • Do you work on artworks you are very interested in? Does the theme of your art interest you? Does it make you feel energized when you think about it? With time the focus of your art might change. Here again listen to your inner voice. Notice if your desires with you art have changed or not.

When something doesn’t work for you anymore, notice it so you can let it go and turn to something else that actually is very important for you. Something you want to spend time on.

I hope this helps you! Every person is different, so your case might be different as well. Openly facing your situation can help you understand what is going on, and do something about it.