Ilem the Faun – Time lapse sketch

Ilem the Faun

This is a time lapse sketch video that shows how I drew “Ilem the Faun”. You will see how I progressed with it from a simple character sketch to a more detailed one with a little background. The concept was to draw him, I wanted to give him an interesting pose or at least I wanted him to do something. I liked the idea that he is going to the left while looking at the right. Then the question arose: what does he see on the right and where is he going to on the left?

So I drew a butterfly that he finds his interest in, and I drew a door in a tree. Maybe that is his home. Once I was done with that something was still missing. I have added some trees to show he is in the woods and I have also put down some tones to make the sketch more interesting.

Oh by the way, here is the sketch I am talking about:
Ilem the Faun

I have made this sketch for the first Sketch Friday event I hold on my Facebook page. This was requested by Frilinn, who has some cute paintings too. Ilem is her character.