How to create a regular art habit

To create a regular art habit decide on what days of the week, at what time and for how long do you want to work on your art or create something else.
You can make the habit stick easier if you attach it to an activity or task you do right before it. This is called a trigger. A trigger can be for example eating breakfast or getting home from school. What matters is that as soon as you finish the trigger activity you go right ahead to work on your creation. In a few days you will connect the trigger to your new habit in your mind and it will “remind” you to create.

You can also use apps that lets your record and follow your habits: what days have you worked on it and what days have you missed. Such an app (and website) is – that I am using as well. You can easily choose (or add) the habits you would like to bring in to your life and set the app to alarm you when it is time to work on a habit. If you need help getting a habit to stick, you can get digital coaching through the app. I am also a coach on, so if you need my help, you can find me there.