Sleeping in the Woods

Sleeping in the Woods by Adrienn Ecsedi

Sleeping in the Woods is a digital painting, on it a girl is sleeping alone in a dense dark forest. The girl is lighted by a warm light that comes from outside of the forest.
Digital painting
Painting size: A3

The artwork at first shows some kind of loneliness but if you look closely you will see and feel that a high level of peace and harmony is present on the picture.

Painting process of Sleeping in the Woods

Painting process of Sleeping in the Woods

The story behind this painting started with a simple idea where a girl was sleeping in the woods at dawn. The artwork evolved further from there, all my feelings and thoughts went into the artwork. During painting I have been listening to the videos of Ralph Smart, who talks a lot about plant based foods, how much it helps being in nature and how to be a better version of yourself every day. His words inspired me and helped me when being at work was difficult for me in the last months.

I have been working on this painting more than 3 months. At some point I took a long break in painting it. I was not sure how to paint the plants and how to finish the artwork itself. I found that it helps a lot if I let the artwork rest. Next time – be that in 1 day or in 1 month – when I come back to it I can finish it easily.

This forest painting shows that state when you are alone with yourself, completely relaxed and grounded. You have an inner light within you that fills you up completely. You are in balance and you feel yourself whole and in harmony.

I usually feel this when I am meditating or when I am in nature. When you stop for a minute to embrace what is around you, you will also feel this sensation. It is a good feeling, it will fill you up and you will find that your whole day is good.