Red Panda Couple

Red panda couple painting by Adrienn Ecsedi

This red panda couple painting was commissioned from me, it was made as a wedding gift. I must tell you, I really enjoyed working on this one.Red panda couple sketches by Adrienn Ecsedi

The idea was to draw a cute red panda couple, the bride wearing a wedding dress, and the groom a groom’s suit. They should be cute and in love.
I have made three different sketches based on the idea and the third one was choosen from them. I have detailed the drawing of the couple more before I made some color variations. Once the colors were choosen I started painting the painting. :)

It was important to make the artwork colorful so I used vivid colors especially for the red panda couple since they are the focus of the artwork. I have also added some secondary focal points – the flowers – to let our eyes wander around the couple.

Red panda couple painting process

Red panda couple painting steps