Portrait of Trisha

Portrait of Trisha the android

Digital portrait painting of Trisha, an android character of one of the stories I have imagined. She is physically very strong, tall and also a straight to the point kind of character.
Trisha has lavender colored hair and dark eyes. She has been sleeping for hundreds of years before she was found and awakened.

I started this portrait as a quick 15 minute art challenge to see how much I can progress in making a portrait painting within 15 minutes. It was a fun challenge. Since I couldn’t finish the portrait within 15 minutes (I actually needed hours to finish it) I have spent some more time to complete it.

I have completely changed the background once because I didn’t like the first version. I almost gave up this painting because of that but I still liked her portrait so I gave it another chance. I am glad I did. You can really save a painting by making drastic changes to the part that you don’t like. Don’t hesitate to do that! If there is even one thing you like about your artwork then it worths it!

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