Portrait of Lillfrid

Portrait of Lillfrid

Many years back I have created some original characters whom I liked to draw and paint. One of them is Lillfrid, the girl who has silver colored hair.

In the story I have imagined for her, she is one of the last person alive who has this hair color. She feels quite unlucky to have silver hair, because she is treated poorly because of this. Many people are afraid of her. She is learning in a school to be a space explorer, that is where she meets Rana, who will be her lifelong friend. They together will go and roam the galaxy to uncover the truth behind Lillfrid’s ancestors and the mystery that surrounds them.

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Painting Process

I have started the artwork with a quick sketch I liked and soon enough I realised I was already in the middle of painting it. Since Lillfrid’s story is set in space I wanted to give her a starry sky. I started the painting with the background. First I have added a dark blue color and on top of that some light blue and purple to create cloud like forms. Once I got thee mood with the background I started to build up the lights on Lillfrid. I have added more and more highlights to her face and neck, while I also kept repainting her chest area. I have also changed a bit her cloth design at the end along with her eye. As a last step I have added the shiny stars.

Lillfrid Painting Process