Little hamster with strawberry

This cute little creature is like a hamster that resembles a bear as well. He is holding a sweet strawberry that he is looking at. He will eat it soon! This hamster is fluffy and cute. He has blue eyes and fashionable hair.A bit different work from me this time. I needed something smaller to work on between my paintings. I always wanted to create animal illustrations like this one and I have made a few, but not too much along the years (3 or 4 illustrations). Now I really in the mood of creating these kind of artworks. I have really enjoyed drawing this one. When I sat down to draw I still had no idea what would come out of it. Once I started sketching this little guy appeared among the lines. After cleaning up the sketch I inked it (digitally of course) and I colored it. Last step was adding the shadows and highlights.

Let me know what you think about the illustration! Do you like animals?

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