How to stay motivated creating art

Staying motivated is something many of us struggle with while creating art. This usually happens because you focus on that thought – that you don’t have enough motivation or you are not motivated at all. Thus this feeling grows inside of you to even bigger holding you back from creating art.

The solution is pretty straightforward: bring your focus to something else, that will actually help you making more art. Focus on your art in progress! You can do this by asking questions about your current art project.

Here are some question to ask from yourself:

  • What am I working on right now and what is the next step that I can take with it? This can be a small step, like making 3 sketches or putting down base colors or inking the hair of the character.
  • What kind of artwork would I like to make? – Write down your ideas! Which one are you super interested in?
  • What was the last thing I have finished on this drawing and what would be easy to do next?

After asking and answering a question, sit down and do that next step you choose!
It is even more easier to do this, if you open up your project – your art in progress -, look at it and check what you can work on next. When the actual artwork is already in front of you it will be easier for you to start working on it because you see it and your brain will start focusing on it right away. Try it!

Good luck and have fun creating art!