How to make 3D paper snowflakes

It is that time of the year again, when the streets and the rooftops turn to white. If you like snow, you will like these paper snowflakes as well. Snowflakes come in many unique shapes and they are beautiful!

You can decorate your home with these 3d paper snowflakes adding a nice winter touch to your room. You can put these on your christmas tree (don’t put them near flames or hot lamps) or even on christmas presents as well. You can also make a nice hanging wall decoration with a few snowflakes.

What you need for the snowflakes:

  • 1 printer paper (for two snowflakes)
  • scissors (get a small sharper one too for cutting out the small parts of the snowflake)
  • thread
  • pattern ideas and a pencil to draw them
  • tape

How to make the snowflake:

  • Fold the paper in half lengthwise then cut it into half using the fold as guideline
  • Grab one half of the paper and fold it into half, then half again until you get to the width size of a finger.
  • Use these new folds as guidelines again and accordion fold the paper
  • Tie the thread at the center part of the folded paper to secure it
  • Draw the pattern on both ends of the paper on the same side (experiment with your pattern ideas, you will be surprised that even a little change can go a long way)
  • Cut out the excess paper following your pattern
  • Pull the branches and open up the snowflake
  • Tape the ends together where the paper should meet (follow the pattern!)
  • Lead the thread through one of the upper holes so the snowflake can hang vertically