How to let go of anger from the past

Let go and forgive

Can you remember old situations that made you angry? Have people done such bad things to you that you still feel resentment toward them? Are these things still linger around you poisoning your life? Draining your life energy away? It is time to cleanse your life from anger.

I remeber I had a few people in my life who I really condemned. I had some bad memories when I was hurt (mentally) by them (or that is what I believed at that time). I was really angry of them. Bad memories just kept cooming back again and again every year out of nowhere. I am talking about people whom I have not even met in the last 10 years. Still, those old feelings were haunting me. Are these feelings familiar to you?

When you hold your grudges against someone and you relive those same situations again and again you grow your anger stronger. This drains your life energy away. This chains you to the past. You will be living in your past if you hold to these memories and the anger.

If you have these kind of emotions within you it is time to face them and let them go. Do this for you, for your own good.

Forgive. This is what can help you. Forgive the people who caused you trouble in the past. Try to see them from a different angle. Why did they do what they did? What could be the reason behind their actions? Were they maybe hurt too or were they just behaving in a way that you don’t like?

What I like to say to myself to make forgive easier is this:
At that time in their life,
at that moment
they were able to do this much. (only this much)

Accept this and let them go with your anger. Be kind to yourself. Thinking about bad things again and again will not help you.

People like to suffer. Suffering is a feeling that I myself would describe as a bittersweet emotion. It can feel good at some point but after that it makes you feel so awful yet you crave for it. If you get caught in it, you might end up repeating bad memories within you again and again. Stop that cycle. Get out of it. The happines you will gain by doing so worths a lot more. You will feel the difference once you do it.

If you feel you can’t forgive, think about this: what can you do now that would help you. What would make you feel happy? How would you solve the situtaion so that the result is something that you can be happy with?

Talk to them. If you have a problem, if you are angry because of something talk with that person. Tell them how you feel or how you felt at that time. Just by doing so you will feel that heavy boulder will be lifted and it will be gone from your body.

This is not easy to do, I know it myself. That is why I say if you can’t face them at the moment then just think about it once more, try to understand it and forgive those people.

I have had six or seven people in my life whom I was really angry at: some were family members, close friends, classmates and some were just people I met for a short time during my life. When one of the bad memories surfaced I went back to that time in my mind. I faced that person. I saw how he/she looked like, what kind of person he was then. I saw him there alone. Just a normal human being with his own human faults. Then I said to myself, I forgive you. At that time you could only do this much. I frogive you. And finally I let go of that person.

It feels so good letting them go.

This has worked me many times. Those memories and anger didn’t come back to me. They are gone. And believe me I had some very deep grudges (hidden anger) against some people and now I can even face them for real without feeling any anger towards them. My life has changed since I started this cleansing process. I have more energy to do good things in life. That I enjoy. That makes me happy.

Try this for yourself next time you feel angry for old things. Experience that feeling of letting anger and grudges go away.
Happiness won’t just fall into your life. It is a decision to be happy. If you want to be happy, face your anger and let it go. Forgive and live a happy life.

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