Grow Jade plants from cuttings and leaves – PART 2

Planting jade cuttings into soil

In this video I plant some jade cuttings and leaves into soil to propagate jade plants. I have left the cuttings on air for three days so the wounds where I cut them off from the main plants stem and also where I removed the leaves can close and heal.

After three days I prepared a flower pot and mixed some soil with perlit and planted the new jade cuttings. The roots will grow from the nodes where there were leaves before. So the longer the stem and the more leaf nodes you have the better. Remove the bottom leaves from the stem (when you cut off the cuttings from the main plant) and plant them into soil. No leaves should be buried under the soil, it will rot.

You can grow jade plants from leaves too. You can either stick them into the soil or just laying them down on it. When you lay down the leaves on the soil, be sure it is facing up with its same side as it did while it was still on the stem of the plant.

The jade plants will grow roots soon and then they will start to bring new leaves also.