Forest Rivulet

Forest Rivulet

Forest Rivulet is a fantasy painting that shows a young elf girl in bright red dress who wants to touch the surface of the rivulet with her feet.

The idea for this painting simply came to me one day after I woke up in the morning. I had an idea of a girl who tried to put her feet into a small stream of water in the forest. She was surrounded by large trees at the back and by big rocks at the front. I wanted to give a calm, relaxed feeling to the artwork. I imagined the girl to be young and kind. I had a quite developed idea of the artwork in my mind. I kept it there for two days before I started to sketch it. Since I had the idea it was easy to make the sketch except her arm so I have left that unfinished.

Forest Rivulet painting stepsAfter sketching the idea I’ve started to put down the base colors. This part is very fun, I like coloring. I can play with the colors and it is such a good feeling when a sketch starts to come alive. On this artwork I have used a 75% hard brush while I have added the greens and the basic details of the rocks and ground. This was not the best idea at some place (like the greens). I had many cleanups to do at the end because there were some hard edges where there shouldn’t have been any.

Brown haired elf girl portraitI have left painting the face and the arm of the girl until the end because they were the most challenging parts of the artwork, I knew that from the beginning. I have painted more arm and hand versions for the girl before I got it right. Her face had changed a lot too and I gave her elf ears at the end. At first I’ve imagined her width shoulder length hair but while painting I’ve tried out a longer variation too and I liked that very much. That is why she has now very long dark brown hair. Her hair is tied into more sections, giving the girl a cute look.

I choose an orange-reddish color for her dress to show her lively, bright character with it. It also makes your eyes to focus on her.

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