Fluffy Bunny Pencil Drawing Process

This is a time lapse drawing video that shows how I drew my Fluffy Bunny drawing. On the drawing you can see my male bunny, Fluffy.This is my first pencil drawing whose drawing process I have actually recorded. It was fun making this video I hope you will like it as well.

I am wearing a disposable glove because it doesn’t smudge the pencil if I touch the paper with my hand while drawing. It is pretty neat!
For the actual drawing I’ve used hb, 2b and 8b pencils. I have already drawn the sketch with a hb pencil (this is not on the video), I’ve used a photo of my bunny as a reference.
You will see that I am using some paper things that look like pencils. Those are blending tortillons and are quite cool to work with. You can make nice blended, smooth surface with those. I like to use them to add some tones as well (you can do this after you have smudged some darker lines with it because some graphite will stick on it that you can use for drawing). If there are too much excess graphite on your tortillions, use a sandpaper to remove it.

Real drawing time: 2h 45min

Check out the finished artwork here.