Fluffy bunny drawing

Fluffy bunny pencil drawing

This is a pencil drawing of my bunny: Fluffy. I have made this drawing as a present for my husband. Fluffy is our young male bunny, he is half a year old. He is a dwarf lionhead rabbit in black and grey and white color. When we bought him he was almost completely black, he had a white line running through his right face and nose, and some of his palms are also white. As he started to grow his fur grow quite long as well and changed its color to grey on his sides! We were quite surprised. That is when I have made a photo of him, that was the reference for this pencil drawing.

I have made this drawing with hb, 2b and 8b pencils and with blending tortillons. The blending tortillions are awesome! You can create a nice, soft blended texture with it, that makes a good base to work on. I like to make the base tones with them and then add details with pencils on top of the blended layers.

Time Lapse Video of the Drawing Process