Christmas present ideas to make if you are an artist

SnowballChristmas is so near so I thought I will share some ideas you can use if you are an artist and still need some presents for Christmas. Use your artistic skills, you are still in time to create some nice and unique presents. A handmade present – most of the time – is very welcome and the one who gets it will be very happy and even moved by it. If you give an artwork on paper you can even frame the finished picture that will add more value to it, and the person who gets it can use it asap.

Christmas present ideas:

For family members:

  • Pet drawings: get a photo of their pets and draw them. Make them realistic or simply cute. Be sure to draw the facial and other features well so they will recognize their pet easily.
  • Flowers – still life paintings: you can draw or even better if you paint a still life picture. A nice vase with their favourite flowers for example can be a nice present for your grandmother or your mother.
  • Custom postcards with nice words: tell them you love them. You can wish Merry Christmas and share your feelings with your relatives by a single postcard. You can make this more special if you yourself create that postcard. You can draw or paint something on it, or use other different techniques to create some nice design for the card. If you have a nice winter styled artwork already, you can edit that to a postcard format. Add some text and other decorations to it, then print it out. You can create as many copies of it as you need. Then write your special message to every one of them. This can also be a nice idea for your friends.

For friends:

  • Bookmarks: create a nice bookmark for your firend. You can draw his/her favoruite character on it, or add things to it that you know your friend likes.
  • Paint something nice on a wood item, like pencil holders, napkin holders, jewelery boxes etc. You can buy these at hobby shops or in hipermarkets. This is also a nice present for family members. The ideas are endless with this one too.
  • Draw a memorable moment of yours: if you have a nice memory of a place you have been together paint that, or if there is something else that ties you together and it is something you can draw, than draw that. This can be a very special present and you may need more time creating it.

For your love

  • Draw his/her favourite character from TV shows, animes, games etc. You can even draw him/herself in a costume of that particular character.
  • For her: paint flowers, gems, hearts or cute animals on a jewelry box. Make it romantic looking or cute depending on her personality.
  • Create a 1 or 2 page long comic and tell your partner how you feel, why you love him/her.

For the one you got from the Christmas draw:

When I was in highschool we were always drawing names before Christmas. You give a present to the one you drew. It is not so easy to find a good present for him, you might not know to much about him. And you can’t even ask him what he would like to get because it is a secret that you drew him. Here are some ideas that might work in this situation:

  • Give him/her a portrait of himself/herself in realistic or in cartoony style. You can draw him/her in anime style if that is what he likes. This could be a nice present he might not expect at all (and you will be popular in your class too).
  • For him: draw a cool car or a motorcycle (maybe with a nice girl on it ;)).
  • For her: draw a portrait or a bust up from her favourite actor or create a vintage styled artwork that she can hang on her wall.

I hope you got some ideas from this list. Of course you can mix these ideas.

Good luck creating your presents!

If you have a good present idea (that needs drawing or painting skills) please share it in the comments below.