Charlotte – fantasy elven portrait

Charlotte - fantasy elven portrait painting by Adrienn Ecsedi

Every year I like to challenge myself with painting fantasy portraits. I like portraits of women very much, especially fantasy portraits with beautiful jewelry. I remember how many times I tried to paint such portraits before, that didn’t end so well. After some years I was able to paint a very few that I am proud of. There is still place to improve of course, I am not yet where I want to be with them.

Charlotte portrait painting process

Painting process of Charlotte

I would like to challenge fantasy portraits again this year. That is why I have made this elven portrait of Charlotte. I call her Charlotte since I made the sketch of the painting and it suited her well.

Her skintone was quite challenging. I knew that I wanted to paint her skin to have some cooler and some warmer tones to it so I set up my light sources accordingly. As for her hair I started with a brownish base color, because this way I got a more richer blonde color at the end.

You will see that I have changed her necklace at the end. The first design was too big and made inbalance on the picture. That is why I went with a smaller one. I have also changed the stone to amber which I think is a nice stone and matches the forest theme as well.

The painting was made digitally and it is A3 size. Below you can see a closeup picture of Charlotte’s face.

Charlotte face details

Details of Charlotte’s face