Snowball bunny

Here is my cute little bunny, Snowball. I made this picture for my husband, for his nameday.
She is a lionhead angora dwarf rabbit, that is why she has so long fur around her head. She likes to relax a lot like that in the center of our livingroom. She is now a bit bigger than I drew her here. She is actually longer and has more dark fur aroud her ears. She looks like a panda with all those black areas.

Snowball drawing processIt was challenging to draw her because she is full white except the dark spots. Drawing white on a white paper is tricky, not to mention it is fur we are talking about. I started with sketching her pose lightly. I was focusing on her head more since most of her special marks are there. After that I toned the background. I needed four coat to create the desired effect. I used 2B, 4B and 8B pencils for this process starting with the 2B. While working on the background I left some areas slightly white around her shape to the fur. After finishing the background I’ve started detailing her fur. I first detailed her eyes, I needed really dark black here so I used the 8B pencil again. For the inner part of her eye are I used the 2B and 4B pens. My work process was like this: I shaded the area, then I’ve smudged it with a tissue. After that I darkened it again with a darker pencil. Sometimes I smudge this too sometimes I let it be fr more texture.

As for the fur, that was tricky I used HB and 2B pencils for creating soft shadows on her body and around her. Finally I draw some darker lines from the background to her body. So I worked from the outside to the inside. I even used a ereaser (this time from inside to outside) to create a more soft and detailed fur.